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3 Important Features of Hairstyle

Our hairstyle defines our look, to a large extent. We can beautifully disguise ourselves behind a look, if it goes right. Depending on the hairstyle you can probably look younger, stylish & glamourous with just a bit of tweaking here and there.

However, there is a flip side too!
If you have the habit of dashing into salons without bothering to understand what hairstyle suits your face or style, you can end up with a disastrous look in a matter of minutes.
While many people think that hair gels or hair sprays can fix any haircut (yes, even if it has gone wrong!), it is certainly not an option you can live with for too long!
If the basic look is not right, even the hair accessories cannot help.
Hair care and hairstyling requires time.
You need to know what suits your hair and what doesn't.
As with hair care products (oils, shampoos, gels, colors etc), hairstyle too demands a careful selection.
But how do you decide what is a good hairstyle for you? 
Are you someone who follows yearly hairstyle trends or do you still follow a classic hairstyle you began your childhood with? 

Do you match the shape of your face with the hairstyle or do you simply match yourself with a celebrity? 
Do you choose a comfortable hairstyle or something elaborate that need hours of styling? Do you love a neat hairstyle or being messy is your kind of fashion? 
The questions don't end here. However, the search for answers does! 

Here's what a good hairstyle should offer:

1) Comfortable & Long lasting : A hairstyle should be easy to manage. Specially for kids, always choose a hairstyle that is hassle free.
Bangs or fringes getting into eyes is the greatest discomfort (no matter how fashionable it is!), so choose an optimum hair length for the front.
A disastrous haircut can probably make you run back to the salon every fortnight, getting a fix here and there to get it look normal.

A good haircut should last at least two to three months.

2) Match your face shape: A hairstyle should always match your face shape. While you cannot physically match a hairstyle with your face, at least browse through the pictures with similar face shapes.

There are quite a few online apps (just Google!) that can help you match your face to a particular hairstyle.

3) Enhance your look: A good hairstyle should enhance your appearance. A person can change his / her personality with a lot of add ons (clothes, accessories, makeup) and hairstyleis certainly the biggest.

The entire look is put together by all the elements to create a confident appearance.

Although in everyday life we don't need to rush to the salon every now and then, getting a suitable and good looking haircut is good enough to enhance your personality, create confidence about yourself and of course, create a lasting impression!

Your hair are your precious feature. The healthier you eat, the healthier your hair will be.
Stress is certainly the sole and biggest reason why your hair begin to lose their voluminous growth and shine.

You could
certainly get a great looking haircut and probably maintain it with the help of hair gels and other chemically loaded hair products, but the true strength of your hair is your nutrition and a stress free lifestyle. Look well after yourself, beauty will naturally follow!