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Color Trendy Hairstyles

For women who want to change or update their hairdos with colors or cuts, we are going to walk through the actual 2013 trendy hairstyles that you can emulate, which will compliment your new 2014 wardrobe. Center parts are rocking the runway and will help you to make that bold statement. This is an easy and simple style for day or night wear. It can be done formally or casually. But let's talk about color first.

Color can get you the attention you need

Platinum blond hair color is in for the 2013 summer.
However, if you are not good with maintaining your hair, this might not be the right choice for you. 
If you opt to do so, however, this is the best statement that you can make with your hair. 
From the time that Ruby Jean Wilson changed to a blonde and the fashion industry cooperatively embraced it again, platinum blonde hair made its way into the 2014 Spring/Summer hair color movement.

No color?

If you are not comfortable with color, then make a fashion statement with side parts. This is an element that has been brought into this season; carried over from the fall 2012 season. 

The messed up hairdo has been a signature look for many celebrities. This is an indication that it could be worthwhile for you as well. It gives you a different look and the hairstyle requires less effort and can be glamorous too.

Bangs! Bangs! Bangs! These are never out of fashion. A nice fringe bang will inspire you this summer and spring. 

Fringe bangs give you many styling options. However, while this is an enticing choice, many people may think that a fringe bang requires a longer time commitment, which they don't want to make. 
Faux bangs will give you instant edginess. 
So you can give this a try!

The lustrous side part is another must-have hairdo! You can wear your side part so many ways, but it is more suited to people who wear their hair long. 
It can be quite elegant and youthful, if done right. 
You can create a side part that is neatly textured from the hair roots.
If you opt for a twisted headband 60s retro look, it will work for any event or occasion; whether day or night. With the half tuck hairdo, you can lead spring hair trends with lots of ethereal selections. 
Using a headpiece adds flair to your hairstyle and can create both a formal and casual look.

Chignon and tendrils is an ideal choice for a quick hairdo that is easy and stylish.
 It can be purposely messy with tendrils falling around the face. 
It can also be soft enough to complement any fashion collection.
Side ponytails have already dominated 2013. 
It draws attention and provides beauty, femininity and youthfulness. 
Experiment with this ponytail by twisting it or dressing it up with hair accessories.

Other options

Half braid your hair to give it variation. This is a modern and bold look of 2014; even though braids have been around for numerous past seasons. 
Not all women would be up to carrying off the haunted hairstyle, which is wet, ethereal and arcs across the eyebrows in somewhat of a wild and matted way. Sweep it back to where it suits you and you can rock this hairstyle anytime. Another example of a wet look is the half tuck hairstyle, which is also the best summer hairdo and is adaptable to both long and short hair.


No matter how you wear your hair for the 2014 spring and summer months, you must be comfortable about your choice. 
However, be encouraged that you do have many options and that puts you in a better position to make a bolder statement.