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Karishma Frocks 2013-2014 | Karishma Kapoor Frock Collection | Bollywood Frocks

 Bollywood Fashion and glamor are the words about which when a common women thinks, she see the mesmerizing world of fashion and style. Indian fashion industry is on nascent stage as compared to the global fashion industry. But the development and success of Indian fashion is not only because of Indian fashion designers. We can not ignore one biggest name which is the base of Indian fashion and style. I am talking about the Bollywood. Bollywood is not only a successful film industry of India but also it is contributed majorly in bringing the Indian fashion on a well recognized stage of international fashion. The glamor and attraction of Bollywood and hard work and innovations of Indian designers added more charm and class to the Indian fashion. Bollywood heroin are the third thing because of those Indian fashion is blooming on its peak. Today She-Styles has brought Karishma Frocks 2013-2014. This collection carry Embroidered Long Frocks with churidar pajama and dupatta. All the dresses in today's collection are designed according to the demand of Bollywood and Karishma Kapoor is showing her model lok and style. Attractive black, fiery reds,stunning yellow, citrus oranges, girly color pink, snazzy blues and exotic greens and many other eye catching colors can be seen in
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