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Ideas to Update Your Wardrobe for 2013

If you are looking to update your cupboard with latest and seasonal clothing then your creative mind  and ideas are useful for fabric trim/Dye in numerous way.
Daylon Dye is best for clothes that have faded colours.You can dye by hand or machine depends on number of items,Individual items are best with hand dye and multiple clothes need machine dye because you can put all the clothes into machine.Daylon Dye best  to change the color of garment.Another great technique is to updates buttons and fancy stuff for Example you applied dylon dye on a coat then now simply change the buttons  or you dyed a cardigan then you can update it by sewing some ribbon flowers or bows designs and ornament it with beads and stones.If you have idea of sewing  then you can  shorten sleeves or change the necklines according to trend and embellish it with embroidered patched or motifs.
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