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Navratri Festival Chaniya Choli 2012-2013 | Cbazaar Navratri Chaniya Choli Collection

Navratri is Event of Hindu Religion,Navratri literally means Nine Nights.This festival celebrate till nine nights and 10 days .10th day called  Vijayadashami or Referred '''Dussehra'''.This festival dedicated to the worship of Deity Shakti.This event starts on beginning of spring and end on beginning of autumn but Exact dates are determined according to Lunar Calendar.Navratri Festival is 10 days Event and its celebrated Five times a year.Vasanta ,Ashadha ,Sharada ,Paush/Magha are all the names of Navratri.On Navratri Festival Women's wear traditional Chaniya Choli dress which is cultural costume of this Festival,Chaniya Choli dress is very colorful and embroidered and Gujarati Chaniya Choli is very famous in India.This Collection is especially celebrated on Nights so Ladies like to wear dresses which embellished with mirror.Shimmer embroidery,Beads ,Thread work and sequins ornamented.Gujarati Mirror work and and hand art is very popular for this occasion.
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