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Nazish Hussain Couture | LIMITLESS Formal summer collection 2012

 Pakistani Fashion Designer Nazish Hussain, obtained her education in fashion designing from the acclaimed Asian Institute of Fashion Design (AIFD) and has been designing womens easternwear (pakistani and indian dresses) for the past 5 years. Her passion for designing and keen sense of Pakistan’s evolved taste for objects of desire; especially body adornment has given her a vision beyond that of the ordinary connoisseur.

 She is currently dedicated to designing trendy and ethnic clothes for the style-conscious women around the globe. Nazish is also contemplating a trendy collection, high on aesthetics and low on price for young fashion-conscious women looking for good value for money whilst uncompromising on fashion as a day to day statement. She has kept affordable prices on each garment to benefit a larger section of desi-evolving society around the globe.
Her designs are fresh, young & vibrant keeping in mind not only the embroidery and embellishments of the garment but also the silhouette, texture, fabrics and finishing.