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Akhawat Abayas | Butterfly Abaya | Egyptian Jilbab Designs 2012

 Akhawat's philosophy: to offer beauty without limitationsSignature CollectionSignature CollectionHand embroidered ald elegant embelishments delivered on sumptuous, soft fabrics. Designed for those who live for luxury and appreciate attention to detail. The Signature abayas are intricate and masterful works of art and ideal for that special occasion. 
Purple Label
The modest beauty of the Purple Label range menages to paint a vibrant picture without being too bold. Bringing a touch of colour, these fun and fashionable designs allow you to express your individual style. They can add an edge to your outfit or can be jazzed up to wear for a special occasion, whatever and whenever the event.
 Basically BlackThese discreet designs speak volumes without being too loud. The Basically Black Collections puts a stylish twist on the standard black abaya. They are carefully crafted, comfortable; with an element of embelishment that simple look as good as they feel.